Street Race 2019 (edited 1-7-19)

Off the Trailer, Heads UP, Pro Tree, Draw For Pairings, No Times Shown


* SB stock valve angle, non raised intake runner – 2600
* SB non-stock valve angle and/or raised intake runner - 2650
* SB non-inline valve - 2700 - SB stock OEM block, 8.2 deck or modular - deduct 100lbs
* BB nitrous, stock bore space, stock valve angle +/-2°, non-raised intake runner up to 588ci – 3000
* BB nitrous, stock bore space, stock valve angle +/-2°, non-raised intake runner 589 - 638ci – 3100
- BB stock OEM passenger vehicle block - deduct 100lbs
+ Ford "A" heads by any manufacturer, Head Hunter, Victor or equivalent add 50lbs.
- Deduct 50lbs for true Holley style 4150 four venturi carburetors on 4150 cast manifolds. 4150 throttle bodies do not receive weight break.
+ Add 50lbs for a single stage fogger instead of a plate system. Permitted on small blocks only.

* YSI cast wheel - 2700
* YSI billet wheel or F1A-91 – 2800
* F1C-91 & conventional roots 6-71 – 2850
* F1A-94 & V-30 94– 3050
* F1C-94 & X-Trim Vortech - 3100
* F1R and 8-71 carbed roots - 3200
- Deduct 50lbs for serpentine belt driven supercharger.

+ Add 50lbs for non-stock valve angle or raised intake runner heads

+ Add 50lb if running methanol as primary fuel


* T-76 96mm max turbine, (S400 chassis only) - 2900

* T-76 any mid frame chassis, any turbine - 3100

* Borg Warner S488 – 3100 (no other turbos over 76mm permitted, S488 not permitted methanol, water injection or air to water intercooler)

+ Add 50lbs for non-stock valve angle or raised intake runner heads

+ Add 50lb if running methanol as primary fuel


* SB standard bore space – No minimum weight.

* SB non-standard bore space or B/O/P - 2200

* BB with conventional heads within 6 degrees of stock valve angle - 2400

* BB with non-conventional/Pro Stock/Symmetrical type cylinder heads 2600

+ Cast tunnel ram/sheet metal/dual carbs on SB N/A add 50

* Standard bore space engines only.


* Must retain OEM frame from the strut towers or forward most suspension bolt to driver's footwell.

* Stock style front suspension only unless elsewhere noted. Bolt in aftermarket K-Members permitted.

* Must retain factory front strut towers if it came with them from the factory.

* Bolt on front Smith Racecraft type front clips and Mustang II conversions permitted on pre-1979 vehicles that retain the stock floor pan to behind the driver's seat.

* Must have working headlights & tail lights.

* Firewall must remain intact and in the OEM location.

* Must retain stock wheelbase +/- 1”

* Maximum front end overhang measured from front wheel center-line, 45” or stock from OEM.

* No beam tripper / flag / extender permitted.


* All entries must utilize a single carb or throttle body & cast intake manifold.

* No billet heads or blocks permitted.

* Maximum cubic inch for small blocks 460ci.

* Maximum cubic inch for big blocks 638ci.

* Owner may be asked to remove a cylinder head to check bore and stroke, valve angle, ect. This will only be done after the final round. Refusal to do so if asked will result in forfeiture of winnings and points.


* Any transmission type permitted.

* Lock up converters are prohibited.


* Any commercially available gasoline based race or pump fuel permitted.

* Any commercially available ethanol or ethanol gasoline blend permitted.
* Methanol entries permitted only VP M1 or Renegade Pro. No other type fuels permitted.


* Foggers are limited to a maximum two .125" orifice solenoids.

* Big blocks limited to a plate system only and all nitrous must pass through a single true 6an line from the bottle-filter-shut of valve to the solenoid. No oversized hose from standard industrial teflon lined braided steel 6an permitted. Hard line not permitted before solenoid.

* Push systems or cold nitrous systems prohibited.

* 76mm compressor inducer cannot exceed 76.2mm tip to tip and the compressor exducer cannot exceed 116 mm.
* S488 entries allowed as manufactured by Borg Warner only.
* Small blocks only.
* All turbocharger entries must be willing to remove the compressor cover for tech inspection. This will only be done after the final round. Refusal to do so if asked will result in forfeiture of winnings and points.

* Permitted blowers - Procharger F-1R, Vortech V-30 94B, or smaller
* Roots blown may use 2 carbs
* Any OEM production vehicle stock blowers permitted.
* Small blocks only.

* Any suspension permitted.
* Wheelie bars are prohibited.

* All combos limited to a 275/60-15 or 28x10.5 (non-W).
* 28X10.5W or 325/50R15 permitted with a 50lb penalty.


* All entries limited to one power adder.
* Instant green with autostart tree will be used.
* The only competition fowls will be, red lighting, crossing or touching the center line, startup timeout.
* If both competitors foul, first is worse and will result in the loss.
* Negotiated starts allowed.  Racers may set out their opponent by giving the back tire and/or agree to go on their leave.
  KOTS Starter must be informed before staging.
* After callouts are made before the first round, accepted or refused, the remaining racers will draw for pairing.
* No callouts permitted after 1st round.
* If a racer is broke, he will not be available for call outs or card draw. 
* Racers may only receive one drawn bye run.  If a racer draws a second bye run card, the cards will be re-shuffled and everyone will draw again.
* All bye runs (drawn or competition) must be a legal FULL THROTTLE pass.  Failure to make a full throttle pass will result in disqualification and the racer will be out.
* Red card in each pair gets lane choice.
* Bye runs are determined by odd card. 
* Racers are not guaranteed to hear the call to the scales or lanes.   
If a racer isn't there in time, the official will draw last card(s) for the absent driver(s). 
*After callouts and card draw pairing is done, racers have 5 minutes to get suited up and strapped in.  The first pair will be sent to the burnout box as soon as it is cleared by the track officials.  Each racer must be in or rolling in by the time the pair ahead has turned off the track. 
*If a racer has a failure to start or other problem, they will be given 1 minute to resolve the problem.   After the 1 minute, they will be disqualified.  Once the burnouts are done, racers may stage at their leisure as long as the car is not disabled and not being worked on.  If it is, the 1-minute rule applies.

Season opener event: Saturday April 6th at Motor Mile Dragway

Street Race

Class Rules

KOTS action only at Motor Mile Dragway!